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Memories are one of the biggest blessings we have. Let me help you capture those for all times. Whether it be family time, capturing the joy of pregnancy, capturing the love we share with our animals, the accomplishment of your senior year,  the love you and your significant other share, or an important event, I would love to make sure those memories are frozen in time the way you would like them to be! 



About me!


I love people, and I love taking pictures, so my job is something I absolutely enjoy, and take pride in. After doing photography for about a year, I  made National geographic's photographer of the week, with a photo of a local band of wild horses, and that was very exciting for me! 

 I have a ton of experience with animals, and love when people include their furry loved ones in pictures. 

 Feel free to browse through my gallery, and make sure my photography style fits what you have in mind. I will absolutely work with you, and try and accommodate what it is you have in mind. 

I do all of my photography in the great outdoors. I find Nevada provides the most beautiful backdrops. 

 I enjoy candid photography, and try and capture all of my clients as naturally as I can, and I can not wait to work with you!

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